2015 State Budget Update

Governor Nathan Deal proposed a nearly $547 million increase in state education funding when he submitted his 2015 budget proposal to state lawmakers.  This increase in funding helps offset previous austerity cuts in public education due to the national economic downturn.

There is even more good news for online public schools like Georgia Cyber Academy and Connections Academy.  Governor Deal included specific funding for online public schools in the Amended 2014 budget to correct and clarify two prior decisions that had led to reduced funding.

We certainly appreciate the Governor's prioritization of education funding by allocating 80% of new state revenue to public education.  However, even with this substantial new investment, online public school funding will still lag behind other states and remain well below the $5,800 per student allotment that was approved (but never appropriated) in May 2011.

GFPVE will continue working hard with our partners at the State Capitol to protect the new funding in the Governor's budget proposals as well as advocating for a long-term funding solution that is more comparable to other states.