About Us

Georgia Families for Public Virtual Education is an organization of like-minded parents, teachers and supporters who have come together to do what parents do best, fight for their children.

Our Principles

Funding Fairness for Our Public School Students: Students of Georgia Cyber Academy and Georgia Connections Academy, state special charter schools, receive a per-pupil funding allotment that is less than half the average Georgia public school student, the lowest amount of funding for students in the state of Georgia. This lower funding limits our students' access to greater subject choices, instructional materials, and advanced technologies.

Same Standards, Less Money: Georgia's public virtual school students use state-approved curriculum, are instructed by state-certified teachers, and are required to take the same Georgia achievement tests as traditional public school students. Since students are held accountable for the same Georgia standards, they should also receive the same adequate funding as traditional public school students.

Preserve Another Public School Option: A public virtual school education may not be right for every child, but every child is not the same. Parents and students should have the option of personalized, one-to-one learning opportunities customized to meet each child's needs and learning styles. This is an excellent option for gifted or special-needs students who require a more rigorous or customized academic program, or students with health concerns that prevent them from learning in a traditional classroom setting.